For many, many years I have performed children's music. In 2007, I began tracking my audience numbers in order to quantify the number of children that have attended my Cowboy Music For Kids performances. I am now over 54,000 and the numbers will just keep on growing!

Educating Kids Through Cowboy Music

​​​In addition to Marshall's Big Book, I have two other Cowboy Music For Kids programs that I offer for children's events.

​​Cowboy Music For Kids Rodeo Show

During the Rodeo Show kids learn about cowboy equipment, cowboy skills, and how rodeo got started. The cowboy code and character traits will also be found in this show. I sing some of my of my core Cowboy Music For Kids songs, along with some special rodeo songs. The show features a rodeo stage set.

​​Cowboy Music For Kids Western Expansion

The Western Expansion Show is targeted to elementary school students studying western history and the wild west. Kids learn about the cowboy code, cowboy equipment, cowboy skills, cattle drives, cow towns and changes brought by the railroad. It includes many of my core Cowboy Music For Kids songs along with songs related to western expansion.

As Captain Marshall, over the last seven years I have performed the Illinois River Watershed Partnership's Clean Water Raingers Program. I wrote ten original watershed songs and perform the program to help teach children how to protect and preserve our most precious natural resource - Water. These songs are another tool to help teach our children responsibility.

Arkansas Arts On Tour Program
Marshall is a registered artist with the Arkansas Arts Council Arts On Tour Program. Grant funds may be available for nonprofit organizations.

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54,000 and Counting


​​I have a passion for empowering children to incorporate the cowboy code and positive character traits into their daily lives.

Cowboy Music For Kids - Marshall's Big Book

During my show for the 2017 library summer reading program, kids will join me along the trail of cowboy life with my interactive songs and stories... and their imagination. They will imagine themselves out on the open range or riding herd on a famous cattle trail; learning about cowboy tools of the trade, riding their pony, eating cowboy grub, or stretching out on their trusty bedroll. It's always a ...

IRWP Clean Water Raingers Program

Foot Tapping ... Hand Clapping ...

                         ​Coyote Howling ... Good Time!

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Marshall Mitchell's Cowboy Music For Kids

Additional Cowboy Music For Kids Programs