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Are you interested in a fun way to share an evening with your friends? Host a Marshall Mitchell house concert in your home and let the good times roll.


My performances are a conglomerate of original songs and cover tunes that shadow my life's experiences. Depending on the setting and the audience, I am able to mix genres to satisfy a wide range of musical tastes, including classic country music, folks songs, light rock from the 50's to 70's, homespun blues, love songs, dance tunes, and a sprinkling of comedy and stories. There is always something for everyone! 

My life began in a small town in central Texas, 60 miles east of Austin. I may have gotten my traveling bug from my Daddy as we traveled around the state, working in the oil patch as a doodle-bugger. We later settled in north central Texas where I began formal schooling. I became passionate about music because of the radio programs I listened to and live music concerts from the traveling opry shows that came to town. My first guitar was a birthday present at age 13. It wasn't long before I began writing my own songs.

Fast forward some thirty-odd years to the present, settled here in Northwest Arkansas. The songs and stories I write and perform are based on my dreams and life experiences from the traveling troubadour lifestyle. I performed at festivals, fairs, concerts, and clubs for many years. Currently, my focus is the Cowboy Music For Kids show that I perform at venues in several states. I also make time for family-friendly community or private events, where I sing a mix of traditional western/cowboy music and other genres for adults.

You can enjoy my music on CDs, however, if you have the opportunity to take in a Marshall Mitchell show, don't let is pass you by!

Arkansas Arts On Tour Program

Marshall is a registered artist with the Arkansas Arts Council - Arts On Tour Program. Grant funds may be available for nonprofit organizations.   Visit AOT 

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